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Aingeala De Búrca is a violinist and Alexander Technique teacher and trainer. Aingeala trained with Don Weed and the Interactive Teaching Method (ITM) as a teacher (2003 – 2007) and as a teacher-trainer (2012 – 2016). Based in Stockholm, Aingeala teaches regular classes to individuals and groups, gives workshops, and teaches short courses privately and for organisations.

Aingeala has a BA degree in Music from Trinity College Dublin, an MA in Music Performance from the University of Limerick, and a Post-Graduate Diploma in Music Therapy from the Royal Welsh College of Music, UK. She continues with her career in performance and is one of the ITM trainers who assist Don Weed on the current four-year ITM Alexander Technique Teacher Training Course.

Fredrick Matthias Alexander (1869 – 1955) was an Australian actor whose early career was threatened by vocal difficulties. When doctors and vocal coaches failed to find a solution, Alexander set about solving his problem for himself. His discoveries were of such importance that in 1904 he moved to London and spent the rest of his life teaching his work in Britain and the United States. He began to train teachers in 1931 and published four books on his work between 1918 and 1941.